The stories we tell

Katrice Horsley

Beskrivelse av foredrag

We are shaped by the stories we believe about ourselves – they impact our belief in our abilities, our worth and our intelligence. The stories we share with our students about learning and what makes a ‘good learner’ are stories they will carry with them, consciously and unconsciously, for the rest of our lives. Katrice Horsley will share playful and collaborative approaches that you can use to enable your students to create strong and powerful stories about themselves as learners and also help you create a strong story about yourself as a teacher.

Katrice Horsley

Katrice Horsley er en internasjonal anerkjent historieforteller og utøver med mer enn 30 års erfaring innen historefortelling og ulike opptredener. Fra å være vitne til kraften som historien har i å skape varig endring, har hun utviklet en prosess som hun vil lære oss på LPDF2023.

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